Saturday, 28 December 2013


One of the nicest jobs for 2013 was this DJ Fresh video. Having met with The Sacred Egg a few times discussing treatments we got the go ahead, and the first job was to find the car. We needed it quick and we knew we wanted either a Ford Fiesta MkI or Austin Metro MkI or II.

Damn it turns out these things are sought after. There's a sweet one, but its in Somerset. Me, Biggie and Pang headed out for the road trip to Somerset, reaching speeds of as much as 50mph on the return motorway home.

Whilst this was going on various bespoke prop makes were starting. Mark Griffiths was making us 200 odd bespoke speakers in his workshop and they were looking loud!

Pang, Sam and Ezra were on the household prop makes.

Biggie was leading the car rig, attracting the attention of all going in and out of Clissold Park.

On the shoot day we had the pretty mammoth task of dressing the front of the house, whilst Luke and Harriet did the animal wrangling.

Then we moved inside and shot out the internals, leaving the Goddess of Speakers to her own tune.

Here's some press on it...
Promo News

The art team were Biggie, Adam Pang, Sam Chafer, Ezra Piers Mantell, Harriet Cooper, Luke Harcourt, Debbie Bunzl, Mark Griffiths.