Friday, 28 December 2012


I like to draw. Sometimes by hand, sometimes on the computer. It seems kind of obvious, but its often overlooked with such short lead in times on a lot of projects. Jesse (the director) and I met, had a little chat, i sketched while we chatted, then i went home and I made some better drawings about the finishes to use on the inside of the lift car we were going to build. They weren't mind blowing drawings, but they illustrated the discussion.


Back when it was sunny, we had a lot of fun doing an awesome event in Barnes Common, Future Cinema Grease. After it all i had the same feeling of premature nostalgia that you do when you are leaving Glastonbury.

Time Out came down the workshop while we were prepping and of course someone had to put on a T-Birds jacket. Read the full article here.

Then, after The Daily Telegraph ran a piece on our little event. Read that one here...

The following newsletter went out to all attendees.